My Bucket List

Bucket List-

A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.

Here you will see what mine consists of. I didn’t make it exactly how one is supposed to though. And I’m not thinking about dying either. I just plan to build mine as they happen. I think it’s easier and it reflects my way of thinking when it comes to living my life- I live for the moment and I take life as it comes. So take a look and I hope it inspires you to make one for yourself. By the way, they will not be in order as I don’t think my memory is that organized. I will be constantly updating this for sure. 🙂

1.  Sing to a crowd.

2.  Travel outside the Philippines.

Macau, S.A.R. China


Dongguan, China

Maine, U.S.A.

3.  Become a mother.

Astrid, born July 4th 2004.

4.  Find my Mr. Right.

Aaron and I. 11/05/06

5.  Get engaged.

The ring.

6.  See Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland

7.  Learn a form of Martial Arts.

8.  Go hiking.

Qi Feng Park, Dongguan, China

9.  Join a singing competition.

Dover Brickhouse Karaoke Idol. Won 3rd Place.

10.  Run a race.

Mother's Day 5k Run/Walk. Finished at 28:28 and placed 150th among 735 runners.

11.  Model.

Ms. Liza Jane's Fashion Show at The Dover Brickhouse.

12.  Become an aunt.

My sister Abbey and her daughter Prianka Naomi, born 10/07/09.

13.  Snorkel.

Palawan, Philippines

14. Go near/Touch a snake.

Night Safari in Singapore.

15.  Wear a costume/Attend a costume party.

Dressed as a gypsy on Halloween in Dongguan, China in 2008.

16. Marry my Mr. Right.

Yes, I cried. 🙂

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