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Eco-friendly, classy, high quality BUT affordable earphones for your digital audio player. It isolates noise from the outside and stays comfortably in your ears even while working out or doing any rigorous activity.

For more info and reviews, go to


Lot5 Studio

Great original paintings, ceramics, prints/stationery and photography that you might want to add to your prized possessions now before they become too famous and expensive. LOL!

Seriously though, Lot5 Studio is worth checking out. It was founded by a couple named Peter and Judith Levins who work side by side in their studio which is nestled at the base of the Short Hill Mountain range in Northern Virginia. Judy paints using mediums such as watercolor, acrylic and oil and she also creates figurative sculptures. Peter, on the other hand, uses clay to create functional wheel-thrown pottery and is an accomplished photographer.

Find out more about them and see their masterpieces for yourself at


Cotty Designs

I got this as a Valentine’s gift from my husband this year. It’s made of pearls, flourite chips, enameled beads and the centerpiece is sterling silver with abalone inlay. I fell in love with this necklace when I saw it from Cotty Designs’ online gallery and fell even more when I saw it in person. They have tons more to offer and they also personalize.

Here is their website-



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